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Catering on a Budget: 10 Tips and Tricks for Affordable Event Catering

Catering on a budget can indeed seem like an impossible feat. You want to make your event special, but you also want to save money. You don’t want to skimp on the food or service, but you also don’t want to break the bank.


If you’re planning an event, you probably know that catering can be one of the most expensive parts of the whole affair. Luckily, there are ways to get affordable service that doesn’t cut corners on quality. Use these tips when looking for catering services in Weatherford, TX:

1) Look for package deals.

Many caterers offer packages that include services like rentals, bartending, and even flowers. These packages may help save you money by allowing you to buy all of the items at once and in bulk instead of buying them separately.

2) Ask about discounts and other incentives.

Some caterers may offer discounts if you book them for multiple events or if you book them early (before other people hear about it). They may also have a referral program where they give you money back if you refer them to someone else who ends up booking with them.

3) Ask about catering options other than the ones listed on their website.

Some caterers have special menus for different events or occasions and may not list these items on their website. To get a sense of what’s possible, it can be helpful to go through their published menu and ask if they would make any changes. If you’re coming up with a completely unique menu, this might be your opportunity to negotiate a special price.

Catering on a Budget

4) Find out if they have a minimum order requirement.

If so, ask your caterer how much it is so that you can decide if you are willing to meet it or not. Some caterers may have a minimum order requirement, meaning they will not deliver to your event unless you meet a certain amount of ordered food or beverages. Caterers often use the minimum order requirement as an incentive for customers who order larger quantities. Still, some caterers charge extra to compensate for the delivery and labor costs. Moreover, some caterers may also have a maximum number of guests per event or venue in mind when determining their minimum order requirements—if so, ensure that your guest list does not exceed this number before signing any contracts.

5) Get multiple quotes from different vendors.

Get multiple quotes from at least three caterers before making your final decision; this is especially important if you plan to hold a large event or one with multiple catered meals. You never want to find out after the fact that you could have saved money by going with another vendor!

6. Use the internet to your advantage.

The best thing about the internet is that it allows you to get better deals than you could ever get in person. Whether you’re looking for a sandwich catering for an office event or some fancy furniture to complement your decorations, the online marketplace has great deals that will fit your budget.

7) Don’t be afraid of going off-brand when it comes to food or drinks.

Cheap does not necessarily equal bad—as long as it’s good quality, who cares how much you spent? Knowing which brands are considered the best in the industry makes it easier to make a wise decision. Once you’ve got an idea of who makes the best stuff, look online for catering reviews and recommendations on their products. 

8) Try sharing the costs with other people in the same situation.

If you have a big event that requires lots of different supplies and services, try sharing them with others who are having similar events. For example, if you need a tent and so does someone else who needs one for an upcoming special event or corporate meeting in the same venue but at a different time, then why not share the cost with them? You can also share the cost of renting a venue or buying supplies. For example, if you’re planning to rent tables and chairs for a morning wedding catering, why not offer them to another couple who also needs them for their reception in the evening?

9) Be aware of hidden fees.

There are often some hidden fees that go along with having any type of event—for example, if you’re ordering food from somewhere other than a restaurant or catering company, then there’s probably going to be a delivery fee included in the price.

10) Make sure that you have enough time to plan for everything.

You should ensure that you’ll give yourself plenty of time when planning an event—especially if it’s a big one. If you don’t give yourself enough time to plan, things will slip through the cracks and fall out of your control. You may be left with less-than-ideal results, or worse, no event at all. When planning an event, make sure that you take into account all of the details from start to finish. If you have a plan for handling problems, it will be easier to stay calm and focused when things go awry.

Budget Catering Weatherford TX

Catering on a budget does not mean you will have to settle for mediocre food or taste, that’s the motto of Flavor On 51. They are among the best caterers in Weatherford TX, and they specialize in full-catering service for all types of events. Whether it’s 100 people or more, they offer superb catering service no matter the size of your event. They also offer specialty services like taco and sandwich catering, which is perfect if you want to offer a different type of food than your guests are used to.

So if you’re looking for a way to save money while still getting quality food, Flavor on 51 is the perfect caterer. You may call them at (817) 771-9263 or place an order online via their website.


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