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10 Smart Catering Tips for a Successful Holiday Party

The holidays are right around the corner! As you plan your next event, don’t forget to ensure that your catering services are taken care of. Whether it’s a company party or a holiday gathering with friends and family members, your menu can make or break the experience.


Catering services can help you create the perfect environment for eating and drinking during any event. From choosing the right menu items for each course (and making sure there’s enough food for everyone) to making sure there is enough space for all guests at tables or in one area where everyone can sit together comfortably.

Here are ten smart catering tips that will help take some of the stress out of planning your event:

1. Create a guest list.

The first step in planning any party or event is to create a guest list and make sure all your attendees are confirmed. An accurate headcount is crucial — not just because it helps you budget for food, but because it allows you to plan how many servers will be needed at your celebration.

2. Zero in on a budget.

You need to know how much you can afford to spend before you start looking into caterers. In general, you need to set aside about 20% on top of your cost estimates. This extra will cover unexpected expenses you may have overlooked while planning.

3. Think about the setting.

Your menu and venue will all depend on the atmosphere you want to create for your event. Is it going to be festive? Will it be outdoors, or will it be a formal sit-down dinner? Will there be children at the party? Will you need a breakfast caterer for a morning event? Or will you be hosting it at night with just overflowing alcohol and some snacks? Be sure to plan accordingly!

4. Decide on the menu.

Planning a menu takes some time and consideration. Ask yourself what kind of food you want to serve—appetizers? Dinner? Drinks? See what options your caterer offers and choose one that fits your needs. You can also ask guests if they have dietary restrictions or preferences to ensure everyone has something to eat. If you’re planning a sit-down dinner, decide which courses you want to include in your catering menu and how many people will be served per course. If you’re planning a cocktail party, decide what drinks will be available and how many guests can enjoy them at once. You may need to provide some extra alcohol or mixers if your guests run out too quickly.

Smart Catering Tips

5. Choose the right caterer.

Any host looking to make their party a success will want to have delicious food and drink on hand—but it can be challenging, especially when you’re on a tight budget. The best way to ensure that your party has delicious food and drinks is to hire a caterer. If you live in Weatherford, Texas, Flavor on 51 is an excellent choice if you’re looking to throw a party on a budget. This catering company can provide delicious food and drink for any occasion at an affordable price. They can help you plan a party from start to finish. They’ll take care of the food and drink, giving you more time to decorate or prepare other party-related tasks. Their catering services include everything from appetizers and desserts to full meals, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

6. Schedule a Food Tasting.

The best way to find out whether or not you like a restaurant’s food is by eating it. If you don’t like it, neither will your guests. So, ask your caterer for a food tasting if possible. This will allow you to sample the menu and ensure everything is up to your standards. You can also bring along some friends or family members who aren’t planning on attending the party to give their opinions. It’s also a good idea to attend one of the many food festivals held in Weatherford every year. These events are great opportunities for sampling different types of cuisine from various vendors at once.

7. Choose your venue carefully.

The location of your holiday party can make or break it. Consider these questions when choosing a venue:Is there parking nearby? If not, how will guests get there? Will they need transportation? Are there other things going on nearby that might cause traffic congestion? Will guests be comfortable walking there in winter weather? Is it too far away for some people to travel? Are there bathrooms available nearby? Do you want guests to be able to leave early if needed (for kids who might be tired after dinner)?

8. Reserve Early

Venues and caterers often get booked fast during the holidays. So, the best time to reserve your caterer and venue is at least six months before your event—but even earlier is better if possible. When you book early, you’re actually giving yourself plenty of time to plan and coordinate everything that needs to be done. Make sure you have everything on paper, so there aren’t any surprises when it comes time to pay!

9. Plan ahead of time.

If you want to ensure that the next holiday party you will throw is successful, then by all means—plan. You will likely feel rushed and stressed out if you wait until the last minute to take care of everything. Take your time to find the right caterer, scout the best venues, taste food, and drink samples, and figure out the little things that can make your holiday party one of a kind! Don’t wait until December to start planning your holiday party.

10. Hire a Professional Event Planner (if needed!)

If you have a big holiday event coming up and don’t have time to research, hire, and manage all of the details yourself, consider hiring an event planner. These professionals are experts at coordinating all aspects of your party — from venue selection to menu planning to décor — so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Catering Service in Weatherford, TX

Many can’t or prefer not to host holiday parties because of all the preparations they seem to entail. But an intelligent party-thrower like yourself won’t let that stop you from throwing a memorable party.

There are plenty of ways to simplify the process and make it more enjoyable for yourself without sacrificing the fun. So, if you don’t have the time or energy to plan, prepare, and execute a party on your own, consider hiring a caterer.

For a caterer in Weatherford, TX, who can help make your next holiday event extra special, call Flavor on 51. We offer flexible catering options and will help you create a custom menu based on your preferences, including any dietary restrictions or allergies that need to be considered. Talk to one of our catering specialists today to get started.

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